Dating Backward: Cornerstones of Great Relationships – Part 1
4 Week Class

The purpose of dating is to find that one special person that touches your heart and soul so deeply that it defies description. It’s about knowing yourself well enough that you recognize the person you don’t want to live without! Cornerstones of Great Relationships is a four week workshop based on the book Dating Backward: A practical guide to dating and finding your soul mate. It was created for anyone who is single, divorced, widowed, or currently dating. During this four week workshop you’ll learn:

  • The importance of developing an Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical connection with your mate.
  • Discover the power of creating a Must Have and Deal Breaker list.
  • Create extraordinary communication in your relationship.
  • Recognize what a healthy relationship should look like.
  • Identify red flags of toxic relationships quickly so you don’t invest time and emotional energy in the wrong relationships.

This group is facilitated by author, blogger, speaker and dating coach Rick Soetebier.

There is a one-time registration fee of $20.


Dating Backward: Cornerstones of Great Relationships – Part 2
4 Week Class

Dating Backward: Cornerstone of Great Relationships – Part 2 is a 4 week workshop. This workshop series is for anyone who is single, currently dating, divorced or widowed. We will build on the foundation we need for healthy dating and relationships learned in Dating Backward: The Cornerstone of Great Relationships – Part 1. You will learn techniques for changing your self-limiting beliefs, improving communication skills, identifying red flags of poor relationship, moving from dating to courting, and much more. This workshop is facilitated by author, blogger, speaker and dating coach, Rick Soetebier.

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We offer workshops ranging from one hour to weekend retreats – whatever will best meet your needs. Each workshop is designed to help you in your journey, whether you are just starting to date, are divorced, widowed or an experienced dater who is frustrated with your dating and relationship results. We have resources to help you become Date Ready, including personal coaching, photographers, image consultants and stylists to help you be the most outstanding you.

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Our coaching services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We can help you create an internet dating presence, get you Date Ready after many years out of the dating world and help you spot potential red flags of a bad relationship. During our initial conversation we will review your dating experience and determine the best way to help you move forward in finding your extraordinary relationship.

Initial 30 minute consultation: Free
A review of your current dating situation, dating experiences, desired outcomes to determine the best course of action for you.

Monthly Coaching – 2 hours per month $250

Monthly Coaching – 4 hours per month $500.

Dating Support Group Sessions: $500
Support groups run 90 minutes/week X 10 weeks and are limited to a maximum of 6-8 participants.


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