Dating Backward is a fresh look at some old concepts along with some common sense ideas about dating.  It is a path to discover the extraordinary person you are and who will best be your extraordinary partner in life. This book will help you identify the different types of love, introduce you to the concept of the Four Cornerstones of Relationships and show many of the mistakes people continually make as they search for and enter into relationships.  The principles in this book are designed to help singles from 18 to 80 and beyond.

The journey begins with determining what type of relationship you want and then you will be guided in developing your “Must Haves” list. This list is the discovery of characteristics which results in the best relationship for you.  We help you uncover the “Deal Breakers” which guides you away from repeating the same mistakes over and over.  You will learn to identify your personal Red Flags that are warnings signs which provide you protection and guidance in choosing a potential mate.  You will find guidance to help you to determine and discover what qualities you have to offer to a potential mate and uncover any qualities you possess that may be “Deal Breakers” to others.

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What People Are Saying

“I found Rick’s book very informative. It helped me realize that there is a better way to date in today society. It’s hard dating in today’s world, but with Rick’s guidelines it has gaven me a clearer picture as to how to date without wasting 6 months, a year, or even more and then finding out that one deal breaker that ends relationship with someone getting hurt.”

Tim Gentry

“I’m about half way through your book. As a Social Worker who has worked in Mental Health and personal Wellness for over 25 years, I was very impressed with the time you spent on stress management. It rarely gets brought to the forefront as you did, yet it can have a huge impact on relationships.”

Jamie Batschke