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Our mission is to strengthen future families and homes by helping individuals find life-long extraordinary relationships.

At Love for a Lifetime, LLC, our goal is to help singles make better decisions about the people they date and the relationships they enter into. In addition to our book, Dating Backward, we offer informational and educational workshops and personal coaching to help you develop a focused, common sense approach to finding the love of your life…your soul mate. In our book, workshops, and personal coaching we help you gain clarity on what you want in a relationship, understand what a healthy relationship should look like, and recognize many of the red flags missed by most people early on in poor relationships. You deserve the very best in your next relationship and should settle for nothing less than extraordinary…your soul mate.


“I’m very grateful for your class and have already benefitted greatly. I’m about half way through your book. As a Social Worker who has worked in Mental Health and personal Wellness for over 25 years, I was very impressed with the time you spent on stress management. It rarely gets brought to the forefront as you did, yet it can have a huge impact on relationships.” ~ Jamie Batschke

“I highly recommend Rick’s class Cornerstones of Great Relationships, a class on dating consciously, to help you clarify what you want in a mate and how to get it.” ~ Lidia Young LSCSW

“Through a number of conversations, I understood what I needed to consider when choosing a mate. Rick is a dynamic and wise dating coach. He helped me focus on what I wanted in a relationship, and not settle for anything less.” ~ Teia Witt Kelly

“Rick is very easy to talk to…he has leant a kind ear many times to me to give me the advice and support needed in my search for my life partner.” ~ Diana Ryan


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The Four Cornerstones of Relationships

How do you know when your relationship is right or an extraordinary soul mate kind of relationship? There are four cornerstones that can help you figure that out. The four cornerstones that we have identified are Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical. Are these four points of connection a guarantee to an extraordinary relationship? Absolutely not but, it is a good start in the right direction.

There are many other factors involved including extraordinary communication and speaking your mate's primary love languages. The Four Relationship Cornerstones are more like the foundation of a home. They are the building blocks on which you want to build the rest of your relationship. If you are missing any one or more of these cornerstones, it will not be and extraordinary relationship.


Over the past 30 years, Rick Soetebier has been a student of self and relationship improvement. He has become an astute observer of people and relationship issues. Over time and through a relationship and marriage that ended after 25 years, Rick started to develop some of the fundamental principles that are found in his book,Dating Backward: A practical guide to dating and finding your soul mate. You can benefit from his observations, education, research and personal experience by letting him help you make better relationship decisions. Date consciously and settle for nothing less than extraordinary in your next relationship.